Striving for perfection of the body and the mind

Omar began training in the martial arts from a young age. He was taken to the mosque by his father who taught a class for teenagers, getting bored sitting on the side lines he decided to join in. At first it was mainly boxing, however as he grew older he decided to try something new. Flitting to a new style every few months, Omar was unhappy until he found a small class taught at the back of Woodhouse College; this is when he fell in love with karate.

Having found karate at 14 years old, Omar trained as much as he could and rose through the ranks, gaining his first black belt by the time he was 16. Looking for something to keep him going, Omar began competing in tournaments. The first tournament he won was the SKC England National Championships 2013 male 13-16 years old. This prompted Omar to join the England Squad where he now trains hard to represent England in competitions around the world.